This morning I am working on a presentation I am going to deliver in December to many businesses. Their needs might vary and as talks or Zoom presentations might go, this could go any way.

The topic of SEO has to cover everything just as an overview. This will hopefully meet everyones needs. Now initially I did do a number of different slides. Looking back I focus on Google Console, domain requirements and coding elements like HTML and CSS. My style is very human so I go more in depth around how this might have an impact on people and how businesses need to be thinking, particularly if we are in the middle (hopefully the end) of a pandemic.

If you know SEO, you know that my job here is huge. The one thing I have noted now I am note taking is that I am good at what I do. The key want to cover are already on the slides. On this I have not focused on so much is Google Console. Again, this is only because I am presenting a great deal of content on the SEO subject.

Whilst looking online and finding example, I thought, why not use parts of myself. I think I am good in this area but I am not a masterful Houdini. When trying to do a search I missed off the fact that I was using Chrome and logged into it. The search did bring me up to the top of the page ironically. Well, almost. First place was a song by Lucy Spraggan who featured in the X-Factor, or something like that. That is a huge thing to shift. So I am pleased with second place.

Below is the image I found. Really interesting actually. As I browsed all my linkings were pulling my back to Google wanting my to get better.

Tea and Toast SEO test on Google Search whilst being logged into Google's Search Cosole.

I wasn’t too sure at first but then realised that I don’t always give myself credit or understand that I have put in some good work. Google’s Search Console has recognised me, way after sandboxing and has now triggered me as gaining following. The good technical elements I originally setup many moons ago have now taken affect and I am starting to notice now that I am becoming more aware.

This was an honest search and also a good opportunity for me, someone further down the line from starting off, to take another reflective dive in and fix what is needed.

In my training and service delivery I always say the same about everything I do. We are human. We can never do this all at once. Spread yourself out and dip in and out. After a while, it will make sense. If everyone used Google Search Console initially to setup their functions and upload a sitemap, that would be great. It may not have an impact the, but it does tart the ball rolling.

Like me, if you keep looking back, you sill start to see new things pop up. New successes and developments. I know a great deal of other tools are out there. Why ignore this one when it is made by the same people who want to rank you. Not only that, but as I have experienced, it will keep giving back rewards the more you work on SEO for a longer period of time.

In summary. Im sure there are many ways to think of SEO. My simple tip. Get hold of Google Search Console and keep diving in. It has to be the best tool out there. Oh, and it’s free.

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