Troubleshooting Websites With Bad Performance

Do need help Troubleshooting websites with bad performance? It is certainly a hard task. There is a great deal to start to get your head around.

If you attended one of my workshops you will know SEO tools are a huge help. I go further into detail and even provide the best tools. Meet Semrush.

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This is an amazing troubleshooting websites tool and probably best kept for another blog post on its own. In this blog post I want to really share my finding on my true thoughts on Semrush. It is an amazing tool.

The reporting that comes into your inbox is great but is not live. On many occasions I would pickup the tool and so a fix. Once completed, refreshing the data does not have the same responsiveness I want.

Let’s be clear. My tip so far is to use Semrush but as an indicator or reporting tool. This will help your find the issues and guide you towards them.

Work begins with Screaming Spider. Seriously take a look! This is an industry standard top self tool. Why? It find everything on any website.

Tea and Toast Digital Strategy workshops with Unltd show Semrush and ScreamingFrog as top tools

If reverse engineered, you can find out how many 404 errors competitors have. I don’t do this but can imagine people do. The amount of detailed information is just mind blowing.

Let’s say you have Semrush saying you have ten 404 errors and non-indexed pages. These are real issues. Use that info and scour your site using Screaming Frog. This will tell you more accurately what is wrong. This then means you can plan out a task list of website development work that gets you back on your feet.

Jargon might be used when troubleshooting websites with bad performance.

Troubleshooting Jargon

My final point is about Jargon or technical language.

When you jump into any of this stuff you will enter the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) world. When you get to that Frog tool. You’re toast. Then you really will need a cup of tea. The nature of Screaming Frog is technical and uses language directly used by Google. If you feel confident to move further, let’s discuss the error codes. Rather than drag out this blog post, let’s just give you the answers.

Here is a lost of possible error codes you might find. They are all listed and each one is relatively easy to fix. Thats it! Enjoy and please let me know what you think. If you need more help troubleshooting websites with bad performance , just give me a shout or book in a session.

Tea and Toast Web Status Codes. This includes all code translations to help you with your SEO needs.