Twitter Stream Verification

Twitter launched verified accounts in 2009 where it rolled out a first batch. This means people could now be identified as the real then, not just a fan account or fake news spammer.

This is old news. What’s a bit odd is that they haven’t really allowed these accounts to be identified as openly as you might think. When you search for content or view your stream, verified accounts never showed up as clear markers. Tweeters would have to visit the profile page of the person to view the verified logo.

Well, all that has now changed. To be accurate, this changed on the evening of Wednesday 4th January 2017. Early reports tell us media professionals like journalists will benefit the most from this move. It’s said that more changes are also due to come.

Star Wars

To illustrate this new change further we have taken these images for you. We searched for Star Wars and found the first two images were possible verified accounts but they didn’t have any icons next to them. The third image however clearly shows up as a verified account. The changes make it much clearer.

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