Universal Digital Strategy

This idea of having a Universal Digital Strategy interests me mainly because it doesn’t exist out there at the moment. I want to enable all Social Enterprise businesses to help you understand that you can control your digital destiny.

I have written similar things on the subject like this one on why you should write blog posts.

This strategy is very long in some ways. It aligns very closely with the brand workshop I run. This is because your Business Plan and Brand development all form part of your core. There may be other documents that do this too.

digital strategy

Vision & Values

The digital strand should include and pull together your already existing mission statement and values.


Your audience needs to be tight. Meeting these three areas should help you do develop more of an idea of how you can meet this audience.

digital strategy audience

One great tool that should help you out is Keywords everywhere. It’s an extension that does wonders to your understanding of your audience. All you need to do is try and figure out what you think they need. Just remember, audience needs are vital.

Answer Questions

One key change in recent times has been that people now flock to Google with problems and are looking for solutions. This means that your products and services need to demonstrate you meet their needs and you are also answering their problem.

Platforms, Tools and Implementing

In order to do stuff, you will need platforms and tools. This is really there to illustrate you need to know who your audience is.

For example, if your type of audience doesn’t want to mess around and just wants to book a time slot, you need to provide this. Using a tool like Calendly may help to speed up the process. Your next hurdle might be how to stay connected with people and track them as customers. Tools like Google Analytics and CRM tools like Hubpost might help.

You need to go off and research what is out there and how well it is related to your audience. Don’t make the mistake of adding a million social media channels to your list when you only need one or two.

Brand Touchpoints

One train of thought that might help is to view how people connect to your business. There are many avenues. The image only shows a few. There are a million more that can be split into pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase.

Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is probably the final element that allows you to understand your data and how people are being filtered down to what you do.

Your data will already tell some interesting stories. The next level stories are the ones that focus on what it is that you need. Those people that bought from you, how and why did they buy from you?

There are a million funnels out there for you to copy. This one in the image is devised by myself from Maslows Theory. If you know what it is. Just turn it upside down and watch everyday psychology turn into digital audience psychology.

The additional two at the bottom have been placed there to remind you that winning business is not everything. Sometimes we need mechanisms in place to retain existing or post customers.

Final Overview

This has been a very quick whistle-stop tour of a larger workshop. I hope you enjoyed it. Please do let me know what your thoughts are and if you want me to help you out more by creating more content around this subject.

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