Website Checklist Template

Creating a website checklist template first came up during the Good Web Bad Wed workshop. I feel that this element has evolved and become an important part of the workshop.

By the end of the workshop people often find it challenging and need extra information to take away from them. Taking away the usual slides does not really help anyone. It’s just standard practice to share your slides.

Who is this for?

This website checklist template is wonderful and now available for anyone that wants it. Be warned. It’s an idea. It is not perfect because how you use it will be different to others. It’s for everyone. If you don’t like something then feel free to adapt it and change it. If you do change it, please let me know. I’m interested.

New websites

The initial idea of starting a site can be daunting. Logging basic information can allow you to have a better handle on what needs to be setup in order to get the best website you can get.

Existing websites

The checklist template covers a number of both visual and technical elements. With so many types of businesses, it made sense to also include areas that would suit reviews. Reviewing checklists will hopefully encourage you to revisit the website.

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