What is brand and branding

If you have attended this workshop on powerful branding, here are some more bits go get you thinking about what is brand and branding.

Firstly, brand is a noun whereas branding is the verb. By branding we mean, you are branding your business. Applying your visuals to marketing.

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Brand is the formula. The essence. The character.


Marketing is the magnet that sucks people in.


I try my best to get people to think about how they plan to connect with their audience. In what ways would you connect. Be specific. Where do you connect with them.

What is brand and branding tea and toast unltd

Once you go and live, it can be hard to realise what the difference is between brand and branding. So here is a little reminder on how to separate the two.


What is brand and branding tea and toast unltd

This particular image comes from the digital strategy workshop which is currently exclusive to Unltd. The thinking here is that your brand would have been created with your business and digital strategy. Brand sits inside the organisational framework habits.

Imagine brand as a construct that needs to be formulated. It shapes and forms the organisation. It’s the business way of decided what the character or personality is.

Marketing can then come along and sell outwardly with the hope of attracting to the business model.

Why is branding MORE important

Let’s be honest, everyone always talks about branding. Not enough is mentioned about brand. Brand experts are also misused often because there is no real guide that stick to one thing. It’s all just grey and blurry.

For my efforts, I try to divide this so I know what the difference is.

When you create a twitter graphic and write the copy, it should never be random. I have build brand and develop them. On many occasions the artwork and language can be holistic. It can be hard. It’s even harder to go astray if there is no guidance.

The rules are not random. There should be colour schemes and some language tone of voice in there too.

If you are a punk and you like to break rules then thats great. Just be aware that punk styles have rules.

Without the brand rules, there is no brand. No marketing consistency.

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