What’s new for 2023

It’s a new year and it’s time to take a look at what’s new for 2023 for #teaandtoast in the year ahead.


In the past year, we saw a number of new developments. The main difference for me was that I saw myself playing with this website. If you visited it and it looked down and out, it’s because it sometimes was worse for wear.

The main idea here was to not always be the shiny new thing. Websites don’t need to be perfect if there is an intention behind them. Most of the time we assume websites have to kook a certain way. In 2022 I simply tried to wear the website as an expression of myself. At other times I also use it as a clothes horse where I could try things out. In fact, I did also deliver a private session where I edited my site. That was fun!

Podcasts & Video

The continuation of podcasts linked up to the website really nicely. It allowed me to, by accident, deliver a monthly update. This update is not guaranteed but could be the main trend I have in my content.

Check out some other content here:

Recording a video version of the podcast has actually been a lot more of an issue. This is mainly due to the video being video worthy on YouTube. Everything essentially needs to be processed differently. My hope is that I can take the monthlies over to YouTube and deliver it as Podcasts too.

YouTube Growth

There has been a massive area of growth here. We have acquired the user handle feature which can now be called @teaandtoast on Twitter and YouTube.

We have also seen a growth of 1,800 new views across December in YouTube shorts. Ironically my personal TikTok accounts had my children in them and they have been blocked. It almost seems like fate that YouTube Shorts will be the way forward in 2023.

This seems like a general comment but at the same time, where I am, is where I want to be in 2023 pl some.

Future Workshops

If you have attended one of my workshops, you might think they were helpful to you in starting up your social enterprise. This year there are a few changes I would like to make in terms of content. Yes, Shorts will get a mention. There will also be areas of content planning and digital strategy that need new information added.

Stay Tuned

The long and short of it is, stay tuned. We have some interviews planned alongside me being a presenter. If you need to stay up to date, please get in contact and let us know you value our content. One thing that is always on the cards is a newsletter.

Thanks for reading, and bring on 2023.

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