Why every social enterprise needs to write blogs in 2022

In this post I hope I can provide a reason for why every social enterprise needs to write blogs in 2022 and how this could develop your business.

Social Enterprise Strategy

This may come as no surprise to you if you have been to one of my workshops. The first and most important aspect here is that you want to do this. You need to have an understanding of how this fits in the wider ecosystem of your business.

In thinking of this as a strategy, you also allow yourself to be committed to blog posts. Within the strategy, you will also begin to piece together some of the other areas, as mentioned further in this blog.

Having a commitment does do wonders for your Tone of Voice. This always sounds scary to me but it’s actually straightforward. Just try and keep the language simple. I wrote a blog post about it if that helps at all.

Tone of Voice VS Search Engine Optimisation

Writing blogs for your brand

This seems natural now to mention brand. Why does every social enterprise need to write blogs in 2022? Because it develops your tone of voice and therefore your brand.

I also revert back to the example of a wordle here. Imagine you have taken all the words across everything your business touches. Let’s now imagine we put that in to a wordle.

A Wordle is basically a visual way of reperseanting all words together. Hop over to a site like WordArt.com to see more.


What do you think the biggest, most relevant and most popular words would be? Do these suit your brand. Do they provide the brand essence?

Audience / Reach

Once we begin to get our heads around all this stuff so far, we can them move onto actually visualising where we are going. I often find that new social enterprises prefer this style of narrative. The journey we take so far doesnt address how you reach our audience.

The reason why I am careful is because its easy to suggest creating persona types. It’s then really hard to carry these forward as they are oftren made up.

By understanding our Digital Stragey and how we wish to Brand ourselves, we can now summise the what the audience is. If this doesnt add up, then that’s fine. We just need to go back and adjust the other steps slightly.

Adding Value

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation the web is used to resolve issues. People always search for problems and questions they want asnwers for.

Where you come in is in your offer. When you offer your product of servife, it should now be easier to buy into it. The reason for this is because the audience should see the value you are adding.

Lets also not forget all the hartd work you have already put in. Im am writing this post more for social enterprise businesses and startups. The value here is real. The impact you will be having should be visualbe and easily found.

By adding meaning, you add value. I amn very aware there is also a thought about value meanning addingi financial value however I don’t agree with this persoanblly as much.

Marketing & Social

When all of this comes together, it makes lemonade!

All the ingredients should add up by now. Your message and offer should be oulled together through this process.

When it comes to content planning the hardest thing you will find is that you have no conten to plan. Having blog posts can give you the spring board you need. You can replicate this content for;

  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Sound Bites

One post could be reposted and repurposed so many times.


I hoep this has been persuasive for you ahd helped you to justify blog writing. Just to note that Iam not. deciding this for you. This post might tell you not to blog post. That’s fine. Ther are benefits and we all need different things.

Word of warining. If you decide that you don’t need a blog post. You will change your mind at some point.

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