Autumn 2021 digital marketing season has landed

All out workshops are always changing, evolving and doing good.

We listened and made NEW workshops

There were a series of WordPress based workshops and similarly, technical sessions that were very hard to follow. As a result, we felt that we could maybe make this far simpler around websites and how to build. your own.

Our changes bring a new workshop called ‘Good Web Bade Web’. This workshop will have also allowed us to align content with our SEO workshop. This means the more you attend, the better your digital business knowledge.

Digital Clinic

One of the ongoing issues we face is meeting your needs. After any workshop online we need time to implement and come back to the topic. Our digital clinic is the place where we listen to your needs. All attendees have the chance to learn and grow within a peer-learning environment.

Our workshops are only one aspect of what we offer. If you want to discuss something, anything, please drop me an email, tweet or arrange a time for us to have a chat.

Current Workshops

Digital Strategy – Updated 2021 Full Guide14 Oct
Branding21 Oct
Good Web Bad Web4 Nov
SEO Concepts and Tools11 Nov
Digital Clinic18 Nov
Content Planning – Tools and Tips25 Nov


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