YouTube algorithm predicted my routine

Every morning I feel like I have a set routine. It seems like everyone including the New York Time likes tea. Having children often means chaos. It also includes some form of watching children’s TV.

For the last week or so I have decided to get up earlier and exercise. Luckily this did happen. Next work. This didn’t happen. I seemed to have been drawn towards the TV. This is understandable in some ways. I access Sky News via YouTube.

Before long would have spend thirty minutes watching stuff. What I have noticed was that YouTube has got more and more efficient at mirroring my brain patterns. Instead of clicking on what I wanted to watch, I found myself watching things that I have wanted to know the answer to. I wanted to learn more about various things like cooking or exercise.

The SearchFor Answers

None of my searches have actually included what I wanted. For example, I have taken on self-learning Tai Chi. Then I have found Chi Gong. These are both different forms. I have actually watched longer videos and tried to incorporate these together. After many weeks I have started to ask myself about potentially growing in one area so I can develop. What would be ideal is if someone could tell me which one of the two is better.

Digital SEO Magic

Out of nowhere, as if by magic, YouTube has a video literally called “Should I learn TaiChi or Qi Gong?”. Most other video titles like “TaiChi VS…” or “The difference between…” would have put me off. It was actually really hard to see both of these forms being compared or aligned. So when this video came up, it was literally perfect. Actually, coming back to my journey, I didn’t even search for content like this. So how does YouTube know what my brain is about to think next?

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