Youtube Algorithm

Its been a long time since I have listened to a podcast. More recently I have pushed the on twitch to Amy Schmittauer. This girl is really good and certainly a role model for me.

I remember years ago I found her videos and since then she has changed channels and created a apple based podcast RSS full of info. From listening to these, it sounds more like she actually has her own radio station.

Another GOD has to be Evan Carmichael who featured on her podcast. I think that this is probably a good place to start on the new digital landscape. There seems to be more thirst for video year upon year but yet people either don’t take it up or just didn’t understand it. Im not saying Im a superstar either.

It seems that those people who are in the world or Youtube really do make it big. The reason for this is simply two fold.

Firstly they are invested. The algorithms in place means you need to be one medium all the time. Take Evan for example. He made it big because he changed his Youtube mission to hold three videos every day. Youtube loves regular content. Most people can’t hold an audience or make a cool vid let alone direct their video to people who want to watch it. The content there is relevant and very regular. On top of that the comments policy is rigid. Everyone deserves a real reply. Therefore everyone what watches it feels happy and everyone who comments gets something back.

The second massive thing with Youtube wants is for you to love Youtube. What do we mean? Lets use a metaphor. If you wanted to buy new shoes you would go to a shoe shop. No one goes to Greggs or food joints for shoes. When you walk into ShoeCo for example, they greet you. Generally speaking sales assistants don’t go and advise you to shop elsewhere! Youtube is literally the same. The algorithm doesn’t really like people (or companies) making videos that takes you away from their platform. It wants you to spend time there. This doesn mean you will get massively penalised. It just means the reason for proving a link to your website through Youtube needs to be of real value and probably critical. If its not, then don’t do it.

I really wish I knew how to keep these blogs short. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading. If you want more from me, you just need to ask. Feel free to get in contact with me in any way you feel happy to.

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