YPlan acquired

I think everyone knows how dull emails can be. Today I recieved some news. YPlan has been acquired!

YPlan is seen as an app but is also a website. The selling point is a bit like Twitter years ago. It very simple and clear without any clutter. The Guardian rated the app in 2013 around the time of it’s launch.

Founders Rytis Vitkauskas and Viktoras Jucikas

The NEWS is now that Time Out have bought $3million in stock to acquire the company. The deals were being made through late 2016 and have only recently been fully pushed through. As I’ve mentioned to begin with, the email I’ve recieved pretty much signs it off. The competitor now owns ¬†even more of the London event scene.

Originally I’ve not used YPlan because it seemed to be very pro London and couldn’t see the wider geographic locations like Leeds and Manchester. If you live in Bristol, London or Dublin, I imagine it’s really cool.

Personally, I dislike adaptations of logos but this one is needed. The new YPlan logo has added text beneath it saying “A Time Out Company”.

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